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Consigning Your Items

Discover the value hidden in your collection with BBCE Auctions! Our Winter/Spring Auction is quickly approaching, and we're excited to welcome your consignments. Whether you possess wax boxes, graded packs, complete sets, signed memorabilia, or graded cards, we're your ultimate destination to connect with enthusiastic buyers.


Why opt for BBCE Auctions? Our team of experts is passionate about your items and will ensure they receive the attention they deserve. With an extensive network of avid collectors and bidders, we guarantee maximum exposure for your consignments.


Consignment with BBCE Auctions is a breeze, making it simple to transform your items into cash. Don't miss the chance to reveal the full potential of your collection.


Ready to consign? Contact us at or call 1-800-598-8656. Your next big sale is just a message or phone call away. Join BBCE Auctions now and experience the excitement of successful consignment!




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